Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thoughts on Laser Cutting

I have decided that the easiest way to fabricate my model will be through taking multiple thin cross sectional slices and then sticking them together to build up a form that mimics the slope and undulation of my concept.

The material I use will need to be quite thick to avoid having to generate literally hundreds of cross sections, so 10mm MDF is probably the way to go. Even at that thickness, in order to come out with a model of decent size, I'll need up to 40 cross sections (assuming I want to use all of the 40x40cm space provided to us for the exhibition).

As for the glass facade, 2mm or so perspex would be ideal, possibly frosted if I can get my hands on it. The columns running down the face of the glass could probably be cut from plain box board, as I will need something fairly lightweight to attach to the perspex facade.

To further resolve my model, I will most likely glue some model grass or shrubs to the roof of the structure, to represent my key concept of extending the parklands to the rear of the building.

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