Thursday, June 23, 2011

Flat Cut Material

Here are some images of my material as I received it from the Design Lab (some of the pieces have already been removed). I ended up using 9mm MDF, 2mm perspex and 1.6mm box board.

Unfortunately, what I discovered on attempts to remove the MDF pieces from the main sheet was that due to the material's thickness, quite a few of the pieces hadn't cut all the way through. It took me hours to cut some of the pieces out with a scalpel, and the process resulted in some slightly rough edges and some small cracks where the wood split as I was trying to lever the pieces out. On top of this, because the laser was cutting for so long to slice through the MDF, the sides of each piece are very burnt, and will need to be sanded down to remove any charred layers. I am hoping these issues do not affect the look of my finished model too much.

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