Thursday, June 2, 2011

Assignment 2: Tier 2 - Sources

Having explored the topics of surface architecture and the the way in which Toyo Ito develops connections to nature, it seemed a logical step to combine the two. Therefore, the topic of my research paper ended up being:

"The Role of Surface Architecture in the Link Between Architecture and Nature, and in the Development of Environmentally Sustainable Design Solutions".

The two new sources I used to help me explore this topic were:

  • Schaarschmidt-Richter, Irmtraud, "Toyo Ito: The Lightness of Floating", Architectural Monographs No. 41: Toyo Ito, Academy Editions, Great Britain, 1995.
This essay discusses some of the ways in which Toyo Ito has developed connections between his work and the landscape, both in a physical and metaphorical sense. One example in particular was particularly prominent - Ito's Yatsushiro Municipal Museum, which uses elegant curves to mimic the surrounding landscape and is additionally partially sunken into a hillside.

  • Haase, Matthias and Amato, Alex, Sustainable Facade Design for Zero Energy Buildings in the Tropics, "The 23rd Conference on Passive and Low Energy Architecture", Geneva, 2006.
This source explores some of the ways facades have been used to contribute to sustainable development in humid Asian climates, through the use of strategies that reduce the cooling loads of buildings.

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